13 Types of Oil You Need to Know

Once thought to be a huge no-no, oils — especially those derived from plant sources — are now known as healthy fats. Learn about the flavor profile, storage needs and "smoke points" of 13 different oils.

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The Wonders of Watermelon

Liver: It’s What’s for Dinner

Take Stock During Simplify Your Life Week

Tamagoyaki: the Japanese Omelet

New Research Reveals Why Dark Chocolate Is So Good for You

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Oats: A Trendy, Budget-friendly Food Staple

Cultivated for medicinal purposes thousands of years ago, today, oats are a delicious, trendy and budget-friendly food staple.

Mortar and Pestle: Old School Kitchen Tool

While electric appliances can produce similar results, nothing replaces the hands-on experience or the flavor produced by this traditional two-piece tool.

Savor: Apples

This quintessential fruit has a range of health benefits, makes the perfect portable snack and is as American as, well, you know.

Cooking with Fruit

Although most fresh fruits are considered at their best when raw, cooking can intensify flavors and create appealing textures, especially in unripe fruit.

Food Trends

A Knife With Chops

A mezzaluna's curved blade turns chopping into smooth work.

The Mainstreaming of Global Sports Nutrition Products

The traditional audience for sports nutrition products is young male athletes and gym enthusiasts. But some producers are setting their sights on reinventing the category's image.

Healthy Soils, Healthy Foods

Soil — a dynamic and complex system of minerals, air, water and organic matter — is the lifeblood of anyone’s farm and of everyone’s food supply.

The Urban Farm: A New American Frontier

City dwellers are no strangers to small-space gardening; tomato plants grow on narrow decks and kitchen gardens turn out an abundance of herbs. Now some enterprising urbanites are taking it to the next level, reclaiming vacant lots for community gardens, growing produce on rooftops and distributing fresh food to neighborhoods that need it most.

Nutrition News

When Fitness Turns Into Exercise Addiction

Physical activity benefits the body and mind, but for some at-risk individuals, exercise regimens may have the potential to morph into addictions.

Can Diet Help Manage Amenorrhea?

A woman has missed three or more consecutive periods and she isn't pregnant, she may have secondary amenorrhea. Some female athletes suffer from amenorrhea not because of their exercise intensity, but because their energy intake is too low to support their activity levels.

Product Reviews

Caramelized Onions without the Tears

Over the past few months, I’ve become progressively more obsessed with caramelized onions. They are now, officially, my favorite “condiment.” The only drawback to this new favorite of mine is that you need a ton of onions to make just a little bit of caramelized onions.

Quick-and-Easy Meals Using One Little Dish

Cook- and bakeware products by Emile Henry come in handy when cooking fresh dishes for empty-nesters and small families.

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HealthWatch 360 (Version 1.2)

HealthWatch 360 is a tracker that claims to connect the dots between your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Created by a nutritional genomics company, HealthWatch 360 is designed to help users understand how their genes might factor in to their health.

CDC, Can I Eat This? (Version 1.1)

CDC’s Can I Eat This? app puts food safety in a foreign land at the palm of your hands. It takes the guess work out of determining which foods are safe to eat in countries around the world. The goal: enjoy your trip abroad without encountering digestive upset.

Learnist (Version 1.0.5)

Boldly claiming to put "the world's knowledge at your fingertips," Learnist is a crowd-sourced collection of original user generated and user curated content shared via "learnboards."

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The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life includes some helpful tips for weight loss and packages it in a structured program that reinforces long-term behavior and dietary changes. However, ketogenic diets are difficult for many people to adhere to and the diet doesn’t provide for the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial substances found in a plant-based diet, which is beneficial for weight management and for long-term health.

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Food Patriots

Food Patriots

As RDNs, we should be aware of the agriculture, gardens and community food programs near our homes. This film may help RDNs become the resource clients turn to when curious about the origins of their food.