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Stone Soup Guest Blog

Rosewater Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Smooth raspberry, cardamom and rosewater flavored frozen yogurt is topped with fresh raspberries and crunchy almonds.
Posted Tue., Oct. 25, 2016

Help Meet Calcium Needs with Non-Dairy Sources

While supplements and fortified foods certainly have their place to help address gaps in the diet, there are lots of non-dairy foods that are natural sources of calcium.
Posted Mon., Oct. 24, 2016

Strawberry Coffee Cake

Coffee cake lightens up with a whole-wheat flour blend, siggi’s yogurt and fresh strawberries.
Posted Thu., Oct. 20, 2016

Help Stop Food Waste by Embracing 'Ugly' Produce

Consumers and retailers reject millions of perfectly nutritious produce based solely on aesthetics. Meanwhile, millions of people around the globe go hungry, living in undernourished communities with limited access to the very same foods many overlook.
Posted Wed., Oct. 19, 2016
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Heroes + Inspiration

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What Is "Drunkorexia"?

Straddling the line between alcohol abuse and eating disorder, "drunkorexia" involves restricting food intake, bingeing and purging, and excessive exercising to "make room" for alcohol. What you need to know about this worrying trend.
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A guest blog written for students members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Covering the intersection of nutrition, information and technology.

Is That App OK for My Kids?


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Food + Recipes

Boston Favorites Recipes

Gather friends and family to enjoy a taste of the tropics and exotic ingredients in these sensational summer meals.

Shallots: The Subtle, Sweet Member of the Allium Family

While home cooks often use shallots interchangeably with onions in recipes (three to four shallots are equal to about one medium onion) their flavors are actually quite different. Shallots have a more subtle, sweet flavor that is less pungent than onions. Their complex flavor resembles a combination of both garlic and onion.
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Nutrition News

Where Can I Find Stock Images for My Food Blog?

Looking for high-quality photos for your food blog or website? Use these stock photo resources, or learn how to take your own!

What Is "Drunkorexia"?

Straddling the line between alcohol abuse and eating disorder, "drunkorexia" involves restricting food intake, bingeing and purging, and excessive exercising to "make room" for alcohol.

6 Simple Strategies for Shoring up Your Mobile Security

Unless you're completely off the grid, no one is categorically immune to online crime. But there are best practices for shoring up your cybersecurity.

The Power of Virtual Reality Comes to FNCE

Chances are, if you've been on social media, watched the news or been anywhere near a videogamer in the last year, you've heard about virtual reality. But what is it?
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More » App Reviews

App Review: UNUM

Though basic, UNUM provides valuable insight into the top performing posts and hashtags on your account, which can help you share more content that your audience will love.

App Review: Omnio

With a wealth of reliable resources that can be accessed in just a few taps, Omnio is invaluable to clinicians.

App Review: Adobe Spark Post

Ideal for bloggers and business owners who don’t have a graphic designer on staff, this app makes it easy to create those impactful images and memes you see all over social media.

App Review: Today

Enhance your habits with Apple Health charts, custom counters, to-do lists, milestone trackers, journals and more.

App Review: mySugr

A comprehensive digital logbook that lets you log and track blood sugars, meal components and medications.
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More » Kitchen Tool Reviews

A Bright,  Better-flowing Water Bottle

A Bright, Better-flowing Water Bottle

The unique design of 50 Strong’s Simply Better Gym Bottle helps water flow better than traditional bottles, so you don’t have to tilt your neck as far back to get a sip.
Innovative, Ergonomic Measuring Cups

Innovative, Ergonomic Measuring Cups

If you’re tired of bending over or squatting to read the lines on your measuring cup, or just want more precise measurements, Urban Trend’s Clearview Measuring Cups come in handy.
A Safe, Modern Pressure Cooker

A Safe, Modern Pressure Cooker

The Lagostina has safety gauges that tell you when the lid can be taken off and when the food can be safely handled. It also has different settings are for lighter or more robust cooking.
Mince More Veggies into Your Meals

Mince More Veggies into Your Meals

Would it be possible for this hand-powered device to mince items better than an electronic food processor or grinder? Now, after testing it with numerous raw and cooked veggies, I no longer doubt its abilities.
Versatile Food Storage Lids

Versatile Food Storage Lids

Have you ever looked at a kitchen tool for the first time and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” That thought kept popping into my head as I used Lékué suction lids.