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Food & Nutrition looks at six midcentury food innovations and iconic dishes and, with our Stone Soup bloggers, transforms them into creative, contemporary recipes.

Savor: Ginger

Ways to consume ginger are fresh or dried ginger root, tablets, capsules, liquid extracts (tinctures), fresh ginger root tea, ginger tea packets, ginger candies and candied ginger.

Savor: Avocado

Once shunned for high fat and calorie contents compared to other fruits, avocado’s nutritional reputation is on the upswing.

Edible Seaweed

No question about it, seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse.

Food Trends

How to Use Cheesecloth at Home

Traditionally used in cheese making to separate curds from whey, cheesecloth is a multipurpose tool in both the kitchen and around the house. Chefs and home cooks appreciate that it does not change the flavor of food and it stands up to any liquid: hot, cold or acidic.

Today's Contemporary Spice Cabinet

Today’s home cook is likely to keep at least 40 different seasonings on hand, whereas the typical 1950’s American homemaker relied on fewer than 10 spices.

Why Nutritional Improvements Are Being Kept Under the Radar

As companies in the food industry have improved the nutritional quality of their products, one might think manufacturers and fast-food chains would clamor to share the big news—but many aren't.

About the Bean Pot

This versatile kitchen tool is no one-trick pony.

Nutrition News

Besting Breastfeeding Bullies: A Case for Supporting, Not Shaming

Has the "breast is best" mantra gone too far in perpetuating these feelings among women who cannot, or choose not, to breastfeed?

Picky vs. Problem Eater: A Closer Look at Sensory Processing Disorder

Formerly called sensory integration dysfunction, SPD occurs when the brain has trouble processing information through the senses. SPD exists on a spectrum, affecting one or more of the senses and usually with a combination of over- and under-sensitivities. It affects up to 16 percent of school-age children in the United States.

Product Reviews

Vacuum-Sealed Solution to an Overflowing Fridge

The Waring Pro Food Saver is a simple machine that helps prevent food waste and cut down on the endless freezer-burned bags of sauces, chutneys and vegetables.

Reading the Tea Leaves

The infuser insert does double duty for brewing tea and flavoring the tea with fruit, herbs or other creative concoctions. It was super easy to use right out of the box and now I’ve played with it so many times, I’m a flash-chillin’ pro.

Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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Headspace (Version 2.0)

The self-proclaimed “gym membership for the mind,” Headspace teaches you to meditate and provides resources to support the effort. This version shows off an updated platform design which delivers a new user experience.

Ideal Appetite (Version 1.02)

Ideal Appetite is a meal planner that also includes options to track weight management progress, exercise and select nutrition intake.

Instacart (Version 3.31)

Instacart is a relative newcomer to the growing online fresh grocery delivery market. The Instacart app provides access to this online grocery delivery service.

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The Alkaline Cure

The Alkaline Cure

Billed as a prescription for health by cleansing the body of toxins and resetting pH balance, The Alkaline Cure claims a Western diet promotes an acidic environment and that living "acid-free" will lead to increased energy, decreased inflammation and reduced risk of illness including cancer and diabetes.

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Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man

This 2011 documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the positive transformations of school food programs in Baltimore and Memphis.