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Whether you're a "meatless Monday"-friendly carnivore or haven't touched animal products in decades, our Stone Soup bloggers have countless vegan and vegetarian recipes and resources for you.

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Redefining Rabbit

Rabbits may be cute, but their rapid reproduction and growth rates, coupled with an ability to thrive on food scraps, grass and other plant feeds, make them a viable protein source with a relatively small environmental footprint.

Savor: Apples

This quintessential fruit has a range of health benefits, makes the perfect portable snack and is as American as, well, you know.

Edible Seaweed

No question about it, seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse.

Savor: Yogurt

What’s not to love about yogurt? It is rich in protein, calcium and potassium, and provides healthy bacteria that may be beneficial to the gut.

Food Trends

7 Top Hunger Organizations

Celebrates the organizations who champion the cause of food for all.

Chia Seeds: Tiny Seeds with a Rich History

Chia seeds' popularity can be harnessed by foodservice operations — especially those looking to attract health-conscious customers.

Color Confusion: Identifying Red Meat and White Meat

The idea that red meat is less healthful than white meat may be generally undisputed; multiple studies link red meat consumption to increased health risks including diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, weight gain, certain cancers and all-cause mortality. But what exactly is "red meat?" A precise definition is hard to come by.

The Mind of the Male Shopper

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 41 percent of meals made at home are prepared by men—while consumer research reports indicate more men nationwide are taking over as the primary household grocery shoppers.

Nutrition News

When Fitness Turns Into Exercise Addiction

Physical activity benefits the body and mind, but for some at-risk individuals, exercise regimens may have the potential to morph into addictions.

Can Diet Help Manage Amenorrhea?

A woman has missed three or more consecutive periods and she isn't pregnant, she may have secondary amenorrhea. Some female athletes suffer from amenorrhea not because of their exercise intensity, but because their energy intake is too low to support their activity levels.

Product Reviews

Microwaveable Rice: Your New Frenemy?

As a South Asian, rice is a staple in my culture; as a dietitian, it is not a staple in my diet. I can’t remember the last time I made rice at home. Enter the Lekue Microwave Rice Cooker.

The Easiest Way to Save the Season's Flavors

This canner is a must-have for both canning regulars and first-timers. It's completely automatic — it takes all of the guesswork out of canning and simplifies the entire process meaning no hot water baths, timers, or worrying that you'll end up with a safe finished product.

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Snapguide (Version 1.7.10)

Snapguide is an easy, mobile way to create, share and view quick guidebooks on everything from how to chop an onion to building a fence and how to grow out your hair. It's a virtual hub for how-to guides.

Strava (Version 4.0.2)

Strava is a GPS run and ride tracker. Track your routes and stats, earn badges for achievements, compare with friends and rivals, take on challenges and push yourself harder.

HealthWatch 360 (Version 1.2)

HealthWatch 360 is a tracker that claims to connect the dots between your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Created by a nutritional genomics company, HealthWatch 360 is designed to help users understand how their genes might factor in to their health.

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The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life includes some helpful tips for weight loss and packages it in a structured program that reinforces long-term behavior and dietary changes. However, ketogenic diets are difficult for many people to adhere to and the diet doesn’t provide for the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial substances found in a plant-based diet, which is beneficial for weight management and for long-term health.

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Food Patriots

Food Patriots

As RDNs, we should be aware of the agriculture, gardens and community food programs near our homes. This film may help RDNs become the resource clients turn to when curious about the origins of their food.