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Food + Recipes

Savor: Bison

For those who wish to enjoy red meat while watching their fat and saturated fat intake, bison is a practical and versatile option.

Pears: Versatility Whether Sweet and Savory

A member of the rose family, pears are delicious in both sweet and savory dishes, and can be enjoyed raw, stewed, sautéed, baked, roasted, poached and grilled.

Savor: Soybeans

In addition to soy’s vitamins, minerals, potassium and fiber, it’s the only food with a plant protein equal in protein quality to that of meat and eggs.

Get Saucy Series: Ruby Red Sauces

Tomatoes and bell peppers star in what may be the most versatile and easiest sauces to make.
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Food Trends

Plant-based Populations

Learn which faith-based cultures abstain from eating animal products and what you should know about people's religious and spiritual practices.

Keeping Foods Safe

Some studies show that consumers consider imported foods to be one of the top food safety issues in the United States. How do federal agencies safeguard our food supply?

Kitchen Scale: It Really Measures Up

Despite the nostalgic image of bakers who "just know what to do," baking is an exact science. Kitchen scales help eliminate inaccuracies which can ruin a recipe.

White Season in the Country of Blue Sky

In Mongolia, summer's arrival brings dairy to the forefront.
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Nutrition News

Maple Syrup Makes the Grade

New new syrup labeling standards from Vermont and New York are intended to be more descriptive about flavor and quality. What maple-flavor lovers need to know.

Co-Op Comeback: What the New Co-Ops Do Different

With approximately 300 food co-ops in the U.S. today, cooperative grocers represent fewer than 1 percent of American grocery stores. But food co-ops — which are owned and directed by customers rather than corporations — are holding their own.
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Product Reviews

Over the Moon about Mezzalunas

Using this mezzaluna to prepare the cauliflower salad below, I was able to chop a big bunch of parsley quickly, neatly and efficiently — I'd never have had the patience to do all that with a paring knife!

Morocco in My Kitchen: My Tagine Love Affair

Step in to my home, decorated with tiles, arches and Moorish iron scroll work, and you will have no doubt: I am in love with all things Moroccan! Until now this love affair was missing one thing — Moroccan cuisine.
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Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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View The Current Issue

The latest news and resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Read More.
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More » App Reviews

App Review: Crop on the Fly (Version 0.570)

Crop on the Fly enables you to turn vertical videos (the ones with the black lines on the sides) into horizontal ones in about the time it took you film the original footage.

App Review: Audio Chef (Version 1.0)

Kind of like having a friendly cooking coach in your kitchen, Audio Chef helps you create a meal with one less thing (the screen) to clean.

App Review: Todoist (Version 9.03)

Though not the newest on the scene, Todoist is one of the most robust productivity apps on the market.
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More » Book Reviews

Book Review: Un-Junk Your Diet

Book Review: Un-Junk Your Diet

This book has many evidence-based references and stresses the importance of sifting through sources for reliable, sound research.
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More » Movie Reviews

Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man

This 2011 documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the positive transformations of school food programs in Baltimore and Memphis.