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Drinking Your Calories: It All Adds Up

National Junk Food Day: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Ancient Grains and What They Mean for Your Health

Kefir: A Party of Probiotics

Salmon Potato Salad (Without Mayo!)

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Savor: Eggs

These days, one of the most popular questions about eggs isn’t whether the chicken came first. It’s whether eating an egg a day is OK, especially when it comes to cholesterol.

Savor: Berries

Fruits play an important role in human health, and berries are getting a lot of attention for their potential roles in cancer prevention.

Got Non-dairy Beverage?

Soymilks and other non-dairy beverages are populating supermarket shelves.

Savor: Shoots and Sprouts

Small in size and delicate in shape, shoots (young, green offspring of certain plant varieties) and sprouts (germinated seeds or beans) can enliven dishes in a big way with crunch, flavor and texture.

Food Trends

Meat-free Market for Foodservice

Read how foodservice operations are embracing meat-free dining while satisfying nutrition criteria and customers.

Aromatics: The Foundation of Flavor

From mirepoix in France to refogado in Brazil, foundational trinities of aromatic vegetables bring flavor to soups, stews, sauces and other dishes worldwide. Aromatics are vegetables that deliver deep, rounded flavor and aroma when heated or crushed.

Exploring the Global "Cultured Meat" Effort

While it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, meat grown in a laboratory is gaining attention as a potential solution to animal cruelty, pollution and hunger, and scientists from the Netherlands to Brazil are researching ways to bring cultured meat to our kitchens.

Powered by Vegan: Must-Knows for Sports Nutrition

Vegan athletes are fast, strong and stiff competition for their omnivore counterparts. Find out how to help vegan athletes fuel for their sports.

Nutrition News

Can Ergogenic Aids Give Athletes an Edge?

Performance-enhancing supplements promise everything from faster race times to better muscle definition, but can they deliver?

What is Rhabdomyolysis?

Rhabdomyolysis, the death of muscle cells, has been making headlines in connection with popular high-intensity workout regimens. Participants jump, climb and power-lift their way to the brink of their abilities — and, according to critics, dangerously beyond.

Product Reviews

Reading the Tea Leaves

The infuser insert does double duty for brewing tea and flavoring the tea with fruit, herbs or other creative concoctions. It was super easy to use right out of the box and now I’ve played with it so many times, I’m a flash-chillin’ pro.

Start From Scratch With This Saucepan

Seasoned cooks who appreciate fine cookware will love the functionality and quality.

Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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Look & Cook (Version 2.0)

With creative and enticing recipes, Look & Cook is an interactive digital cookbook that leads you through each step of a recipe with pictures and detailed instructions.

Locate Special Diet (Version 1.0)

Locate Special Diet helps you find gluten-free, organic, local, paleo, vegan and vegetarian-friendly food and drink options near you.

HealthWatch 360 (Version 1.2)

HealthWatch 360 is a tracker that claims to connect the dots between your health, nutrition and lifestyle. Created by a nutritional genomics company, HealthWatch 360 is designed to help users understand how their genes might factor in to their health.

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The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life

The New Lean for Life includes some helpful tips for weight loss and packages it in a structured program that reinforces long-term behavior and dietary changes. However, ketogenic diets are difficult for many people to adhere to and the diet doesn’t provide for the variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial substances found in a plant-based diet, which is beneficial for weight management and for long-term health.

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Food Patriots

Food Patriots

As RDNs, we should be aware of the agriculture, gardens and community food programs near our homes. This film may help RDNs become the resource clients turn to when curious about the origins of their food.