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What Is Your "Microbiome"?

This "garden within" consists of microorganisms in the human body: in the gut, skin, eyes and nasal passages. They influence and interact with their hosts — and vice versa — throughout life.
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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share
with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

Tips for a Lifetime of Healthy Eyes


Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales


The Foods that Can Fight Skin Cancer


Grow It, Eat It


Our Estranged Relationship with Food


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Heroes + Inspiration

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Food + Recipes

Savor: Mushrooms

Often overshadowed by brightly colored vegetables that boldly showcase their phytonutrients, the meager mushroom seems to pale in comparison. Yet, the mushroom’s reputation as a nutritional lightweight is beginning to change.

Savor: Flaxseed

A good source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, flaxseed may be small, but its health benefits are big.

Savor: Beans

Rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, folate and iron, popular varieties include black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, pink beans and pinto beans.

Savor: Vital Wheat Gluten

Because it is a highly refined product, vital wheat gluten’s vitamin and mineral content is less than that of whole wheat.
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Food Trends

Why Parchment Paper Is a Must-Have for Cooks

Treated with a food-safe coating that makes the paper non-stick and heat resistant, parchment is ideal for roasting vegetables, cooking delicate cuts of meat, fish and poultry, and lining cookie sheets or cake pans.

Get Back to the Roots

The humble but hearty root vegetable is a delicious and affordable way to add earthy flavors and vibrant colors to any menu.

Can Reviving Traditional Foods Improve Native Americans' Health?

The Tohono O’odham people have been farming and cultivating prickly pear (or I’ipai in O’odham), agave (A’ud), tepary beans (Bawi) and cholla cactus buds (Ciolim) in this dry Southern Arizona desert for centuries. The name of the tribe means “Desert People,” and bringing back local culture from farm to plate is one mission the Tohono O’odham Community Action organization has been working on since 1996.

Fair Trade Fruit

Fair trade provides small-scale farmers democratic control of their businesses and direct access to the global market through collective volume.
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Nutrition News

Microbiome: The Garden Within

The microbial residents of our gut, skin, eyes and nasal passages collectively are referred to as the "microbiome" — and research of its role in human health is revealing surprising discoveries!

Is Fruit Juice Just Another Sugary Drink?

Some say sugar — including natural sugar found in 100-percent fruit juice — is behind the obesity epidemic, responsible for heart disease and causes cancer. Are concerns about sugar overshadowing fruit juice's positive contributions to a healthful diet? Or is 100-percent fruit juice just another sugary drink?
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Product Reviews

Today's Pressure Cooker – Yesterday's Microwave?

Just as other kitchen traditions – such as gardening, foraging and canning – have come back into fashion, so have pressure cookers. For my first experience with the IMUSA 7.5-Quart Pressure Cooker, I went appropriately old school: chicken soup.

Any Way You Slice It...

The Pure Komachi 2 Bread Knife is a colorful addition to any kitchen, is made out of durable high-carbon stainless steel, and cuts through bread or tomatoes like a champ.
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Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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The latest news and resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Read More.
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App Review: Kitchen Wizard (Version 2.1)

Kitchen Wizard recommends recipes based on what’s in your kitchen at any given time.

App Review: Two Grand Version (2.1.8)

Two Grand is designed to help track your food intake in less than 3 minutes per day. The app encourages weight loss hopefuls to follow community members who have already met their goal weight to learn how to eat and create a healthy routine.

App Review: Healthmate (Version 2.5)

Healthmate is a steps tracker and life coach by Withings, the international app maker and smart devices manufacturer.
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More » Book Reviews

Book Review: Mind Your Body

Book Review: Mind Your Body

Taking an innovative approach to helping people live healthier, this book emphasizes mindfulness and positive thinking as key components of nutrition and fitness plans or goals.
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More » Movie Reviews

Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man

This 2011 documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the positive transformations of school food programs in Baltimore and Memphis.