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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Whether you're hosting or just attending a Thanksgiving dinner, get health tips, emotional support and a menu of delicious recipes from Stone Soup bloggers.
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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share
with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

How to Navigate the Football Party Spread


Healthy Holiday Traditions That Can Last All Year


Strategies for Happy and Healthy Holiday Parties With Kids


3 Five-minute Pumpkin Recipes


Diabetes-Friendly, Heart-Healthy Foods


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Heroes + Inspiration

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Food + Recipes

Savor: Fennel

Fennel has a long history as a folk remedy, particularly the small, dried fennel fruits (also called fennel seeds) and the essential (volatile) oil extracted from the fennel plant.

9 Better Butter Skills

Increase your kitchen skills with these 9 tips for handling, measuring and cooking with butter.

Grilled Vegan Hot Dogs with Sweet or Spicy Relish

Try this vegan version of the classic American hot dog. Top it with homemade sweet or spicy relish.

Oats: A Trendy, Budget-friendly Food Staple

Cultivated for medicinal purposes thousands of years ago, today, oats are a delicious, trendy and budget-friendly food staple.
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Food Trends

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Flavor

In restaurants, gourmet shops and local supermarkets, smoke seasonings are appearing everywhere and in every food.

About the Bean Pot

This versatile kitchen tool is no one-trick pony.

Why Are Some Egg Yolks and Eggshells Different Colors?

While shell and yolk color may differ between chicken eggs, the difference in color bears no relation to the flavor, nutritional value or quality of the egg. The egg’s size and shell color is determined by the breed of the hen.

Why Parchment Paper Is a Must-Have for Cooks

Treated with a food-safe coating that makes the paper non-stick and heat resistant, parchment is ideal for roasting vegetables, cooking delicate cuts of meat, fish and poultry, and lining cookie sheets or cake pans.
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Nutrition News

Lost in Translation: When Your Recipe Goes Global

What to keep in mind when preparing and sharing recipes for an international audience.

Besting Breastfeeding Bullies: A Case for Supporting, Not Shaming

Has the "breast is best" mantra gone too far in perpetuating these feelings among women who cannot, or choose not, to breastfeed?
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Product Reviews

Quick-and-Easy Meals Using One Little Dish

Cook- and bakeware products by Emile Henry come in handy when cooking fresh dishes for empty-nesters and small families.

Dishing up a Heart-Healthy Pizza

Wow! The Emile Henry Grilling/Baking Stone is one solid, heavyweight contender to my usual baking trays. To test out the Emile Henry Grilling/Baking Stone, I choose to make a pizza.
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Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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View The Current Issue

The latest news and resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Read More.
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More » App Reviews

App Review: Hyperlapse

A creative outlet to channel the need for speed, Hyperlapse transforms real time footage into time-lapse videos.

App Review: Mailbox

Mailbox is a simple email management app from Dropbox that helps you easily get control of your inbox. Mailbox let’s you clear the clutter, filing away emails until you actually need to deal with them.

App Review: Rise

Rise is a micro-coaching app that enables users to work 1 on 1 with a registered dietitian directly from their smartphone everyday.
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More » Book Reviews

Book Review: The Microbiome Diet

Book Review: The Microbiome Diet

The Microbiome Diet does a good job of explaining the roles of gut bacteria, pre- and probiotics and the importance of mindful eating on health. However, it downplays personal responsibility.
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More » Movie Reviews

Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man

This 2011 documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the positive transformations of school food programs in Baltimore and Memphis.