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Stone Soup Guest Blog

10 Tips for Healthy Air Travel

Summer is in full swing, school is out and work isn't quite as busy as usual. It's time to get out of town for a summer vacation — but don't let your healthy habits fall by the wayside.
Posted Fri., Jul. 29, 2016

5 Steps to Building the Perfect Super Lunch Salad

Making your own salad can be a great way to boost the nutrition and flavor in your day. Use these five tips to make a healthy, filling and flavorful salad for lunch.
Posted Wed., Jul. 27, 2016

A Taste of Sudanese Halal Cooking

While living in Sudan, a predominantly Muslim country, I had the wonderful opportunity to eat like a local. Today, back home in Los Angeles, these recipes — all halal — remain some of my favorites. But what does halal mean?
Posted Mon., Jul. 25, 2016

Fresh from the Farmers Market Blueberry-Lavender Jam

At my local farmers market, the blueberries have finally arrived, and I just could not resist purchasing a flat. While I could have made a buckle or cobbler with the scrumptious little berries, I decided to make jam. But not just any jam — Blueberry-Lavender Jam!
Posted Fri., Jul. 22, 2016
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Heroes + Inspiration

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What's Behind the Foraged Food Trend?

The term "forage" may bring to mind mushroom hunting and its associated risks, but there are a number of other wild foods that are much easier to locate and identify. See what's driving the trend — and what you should know before trying it out yourself.
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Food + Recipes

Tahini Is a Versatile Staple with Seriously Good Nutrition

Interesting yet too often underrated, tahini is a go-to ingredient in many Middle Eastern dishes. This simple paste made of finely ground sesame seeds and oil can be used to prepare dips, sauces, salad dressings and more.

"A Summer Soiree" Recipes

Gather friends and family to enjoy a taste of the tropics and exotic ingredients in these sensational summer meals.
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Food Trends

9 Super Seeds Are Small but Mighty

At the forefront of the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans are recommendations to focus on varied proteins and heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Seeds provide all three of these nutrients and more!

Foraged Food Trend Is Part Epicurean, Part Environmental

With edible weeds suited to thrive in nearly every environment across the country, to the trained eye, gastronomically exciting vegetation is abundant. Enter the burgeoning trend of food foraging.

Scared to Cook Fish? Discover Seafood's Splendor

Many perceive cooking seafood at home to be a challenge, which is one of the reasons why about two-thirds of all seafood is consumed at restaurants. Armed with a few simple tips on how to properly purchase and prepare the vast array of options can help transform any home cook into a seafood connoisseur.

6 Pantry Staples You Can Salvage (and 1 You Can't)

What's a person to do when the bag of brown sugar in the pantry is rock-hard or the honey in the cabinet is crystallized? Before tossing seemingly spoiled foods, try these creative solutions.
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Nutrition News

The Shady Business of Food Fraud

When you shop for food, are you getting what you pay for? How would you know? Food fraud is tough to define and even harder to detect, but consumers can take action to reduce their risk of deception.

9 Foods That May Be Fraudulent

Worried about food fraud? According to the Congressional Research Service, these are the nine leading food categories with reported cases of food fraud.

What to Know about What's Not on Supplement Labels

You may have seen the recent headlines — "Banned Stimulants Found in Supplements" or "Hidden Dangers in Dietary Supplements" — and wondered, are supplements safe?

3 Classifications of Food Fraud

The USP Food Fraud Database categorizes the type or nature of food fraud reports as follows: replacement, addition and removal.
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More » App Reviews

App Review: MySymptoms

MySymptoms is a tracker designed to record and analyze how food, drink, medication, physical activity, sleep and other inputs impact how you feel.

App Review: FoodKeeper

A joint project between the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, Food Marketing Institute and Cornell University, FoodKeeper is described as the app that will help you store and cook your food properly.

App Review: Mealime

Mealime is a simple personalized healthy meal planning app.

App Review: Over

Add text and artwork to photos to share via social media or other digital and print media.

App Review: (Not)Recipes by Food 52

Created by Food52, (Not)Recipes lets you share and discover cooking ideas from the global Food52 community.
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More » Kitchen Tool Reviews

Homemade Ravioli Can Be Easy and Fun

Homemade Ravioli Can Be Easy and Fun

The last time I made ravioli, I was so discouraged by the frustration and mess that I swore I would never make it again. But the Repast Supply Co. 17" Maple-Walnut Ravioli Rolling Pin promised to make ravioli rolling easy and fun, so I had to give it another try.
A Stand Mixer That Prizes Good Design

A Stand Mixer That Prizes Good Design

As a chef, I put a lot of value in the efficiency of the performance in any kitchen tool. Knives should be sharp and have a good grip, food processors should assemble and detach with ease, and pots and pans should heat with an even distribution. That's why the SMEG Stand Mixer gets high marks from me.
Summertime Iced Coffee Made Easy and Fast

Summertime Iced Coffee Made Easy and Fast

The HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker makes iced coffee in one minute. Well, it doesn’t actually make iced coffee. It makes hot coffee (or any other hot beverage) cold in one minute. But that’s a technicality. The HyperChiller works and is not complicated.
Grind Herbs and Spices with a "Manual Food Processor"

Grind Herbs and Spices with a "Manual Food Processor"

Traditionally, used to grind up whole spices and herbs such as fennel seeds, black pepper, cinnamon sticks and cardamom, I think of a mortar and pestle almost like a manual food processor. You can grind anything that will fit in the bottom of the mortar.
Make a Frozen Nondairy Treat in Minutes

Make a Frozen Nondairy Treat in Minutes

It was a Saturday, my husband and I had just finished some yard work and ice cream sounded like it would absolutely hit the spot. However, my husband doesn’t do that well with dairy. Time to break out the Yonanas machine!