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Secret Tricks for Healthier Eating

How the emerging field of behavioral economics could encourage people to adopt healthier habits ... without them even realizing it!
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Guest bloggers from around the world share
with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

A Taste of Childhood in Homemade Graham Crackers


Exercise: Quality vs. Quantity?


Covering the intersection of nutrition, information and technology.

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Education and Nutrition Informatics


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Heroes + Inspiration

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Food + Recipes

Savor: Berries

Fruits play an important role in human health, and berries are getting a lot of attention for their potential roles in cancer prevention.

Oats: A Trendy, Budget-friendly Food Staple

Cultivated for medicinal purposes thousands of years ago, today, oats are a delicious, trendy and budget-friendly food staple.

Celebrate Summer Squash: Taste the Season's Bounty

Known for its prolific harvests, summer squash comes in all shapes and sizes. Unlike its winter brethren, summer squash grows quickly and has thin edible skin and seeds.

The Charms and Challenges of Cheese

Sodium imparts taste, texture and longer shelf-life to cheese, but does it come at a price?
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Food Trends

The Mandoline: Power of Precision

This slicing and cutting machine is a workhorse in the kitchen, saving cooks and chefs valuable time with near-perfect results.

Defining Detox: Reclaiming one of the most divisive words in dietetics

Mention the word “detox” to an audience of registered dietitians, and there will be as many different reactions as there are online search results for a “detox diet.”

Ayurveda: India's 5,000-Year-Old Diet and Wellness Plan

For more than 5,000 years, ayurveda - a sacred system that unites natural elements, spirituality and diet - has been practiced to promote wellness in India. So why is it gaining popularity today?

Celebrating Snout-to-Tail

For those seeking authenticity and for food and nutrition professionals who counsel, teach or cook, the right cut of meat matters.
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Nutrition News

Is Activated Charcoal Safe to Use for Detoxification?

While effective in treating acute poisonings, activated charcoal is not meant to be used as a routine supplement to bind unwanted “toxins” in the body.

What Exactly Is Yacón Syrup?

With its high fructooligosaccharide content, yacón root and yacón syrup, which functions as a prebiotic, have drawn recent nutrition attention.
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Product Reviews

Draw a Circle Around This Spiral Slicer

I was especially eager to review this gadget because I had never spiral sliced anything before. Well, let me tell you: I made up for lost time! The manufacturers' packaging listed so many foods, that I figured you could probably spiral almost anything.

The Convenient Way to Bake Bread at Home

Baking homemade bread always sounds like a great idea until I get out my large bread maker. But the Lékué Bread Maker solves the dilemma of homemade bread.
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Tweets from Nutrition Experts

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The latest news and resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Read More.
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App Review: Streaks

The Streaks app is the "to-do list that helps you form good habits."

App Review: Pacifica

Pacifica provides daily tools to address stress and anxiety. It's designed to help users understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

App Review: MakeMe

MakeMe uses social motivation to hold yourself accountable and provides a challenge-based approach to group coaching and training.
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