Healthy Updates for Labor Day Weekend

Opt for fresh, healthful renditions of popular tailgating and barbecue classics this holiday weekend.

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Dairy and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

Lemon Juice, Three Ways

Hearts of Palm Salad with Feta

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Savor: Grapefruit

This tropical fruit, named because it grows in grape-like clusters, comes in several varieties with flesh color influencing its nutritional qualities and benefits.

Beans: Pantry Staples, Nutrition Stars

Since they’re often priced at less than 25 cents per cup, dried beans are affordable options for virtually any family. Brush up on your bean savvy.

9 Better Butter Skills

Increase your kitchen skills with these 9 tips for handling, measuring and cooking with butter.

Savor: Onions

There’s no reason to cry over onions—unless there are none in your pantry. This relative of the lily offers low-calorie, fat-free flavor and a helping of health boosters.

Food Trends

Fair Trade Fruit

Fair trade provides small-scale farmers democratic control of their businesses and direct access to the global market through collective volume.

Bamboo Steamers: Steamed Food Made Fabulous

Commonly regarded as a flavorless method of preparing food, steaming has a bad reputation. But bamboo steamers cook food gently without destroying flavor or nutrients.

Plant-based Populations

Learn which faith-based cultures abstain from eating animal products and what you should know about people's religious and spiritual practices.

Why Parchment Paper Is a Must-Have for Cooks

Treated with a food-safe coating that makes the paper non-stick and heat resistant, parchment is ideal for roasting vegetables, cooking delicate cuts of meat, fish and poultry, and lining cookie sheets or cake pans.

Nutrition News

Besting Breastfeeding Bullies: A Case for Supporting, Not Shaming

Has the "breast is best" mantra gone too far in perpetuating these feelings among women who cannot, or choose not, to breastfeed?

Picky vs. Problem Eater: A Closer Look at Sensory Processing Disorder

Formerly called sensory integration dysfunction, SPD occurs when the brain has trouble processing information through the senses. SPD exists on a spectrum, affecting one or more of the senses and usually with a combination of over- and under-sensitivities. It affects up to 16 percent of school-age children in the United States.

Product Reviews

Cooked Pasta at the Touch of a Button

After tinkering with the cooking time, I made some batches of pasta that were perfectly al dente and ready in about six minutes, start to finish. Sure beats standing around waiting for water to boil.

A Kitchen Prep Helper for Those Days You Need It

I love chopping vegetables. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. However, there are some days when I just want to get it done so I can start cooking and — more importantly — eating. These are the days when the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor comes in handy.

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Ideal Appetite (Version 1.02)

Ideal Appetite is a meal planner that also includes options to track weight management progress, exercise and select nutrition intake.

Sprout Baby (Version 2.01)

Sprout Baby swaps the baby book for a virtual one and provides information and tools to support and document the big and little moments of a growing baby.

Appetites (Version 2.0.2)

The Appetites app delivers step-by-step cooking classes virtually. This newly designed version of the app now offers same-day ingredient delivery in select cities.

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The Alkaline Cure

The Alkaline Cure

Billed as a prescription for health by cleansing the body of toxins and resetting pH balance, The Alkaline Cure claims a Western diet promotes an acidic environment and that living "acid-free" will lead to increased energy, decreased inflammation and reduced risk of illness including cancer and diabetes.

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Cafeteria Man

Cafeteria Man

This 2011 documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at the positive transformations of school food programs in Baltimore and Memphis.