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Stone Soup Guest Blog

5 Creative Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

While much of the food waste in America occurs in large-scale food operations, we all can make an impact. Here are five ways to reduce your food waste at home.
Posted Fri., May. 27, 2016

Explore Spaghetti Squash

If they've never tasted it before, the first thing people usually ask me about spaghetti squash is, "Does it really taste like spaghetti?" To me, the answer is yes: a little like angel hair pasta because it is thin, fragile and stringy.
Posted Wed., May. 25, 2016

Swiss Chard for Dessert? An Old Treat from the South of France

Swiss chard is an abundant crop in southern France, which makes this dessert a clever way to use up excess chard. One thing is for certain, it was not created just to make the dessert more nutrient dense or higher in fiber — that is not the French way of eating.
Posted Mon., May. 23, 2016

Veggie and Quinoa Quesadilla with Lime Slaw

OK, time to be honest: I cook a lot, but I don't have the time or energy to make a new recipe every night. So when I'm pressed for time and lacking motivation, I make this Veggie and Quinoa Quesadilla with Lime Slaw. In fact, I actually just ate it for dinner before writing this post.
Posted Fri., May. 20, 2016
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Heroes + Inspiration

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RDN-Approved Grilling Guide

Start your summer right with these barbecue recipes, tips and kitchen tool reviews from registered dietitian nutritionists.
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A guest blog written for students members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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Food + Recipes

The Spice Is Right! Recipes

Rosemary, cinnamon and ginger… come on down! Bright and bold flavors are achieved with the help of these and other herbs, spices and aromatics. With a dash of this and a sprinkle of that, each recipe is a winner!

Sardines Are Tiny Fish That Are Big on Flavor

With a full, rich flavor, sardines are considered by many to be the ultimate convenience food. Their appeal spans the socioeconomic ladder, enticing thrifty shoppers and food connoisseurs alike.
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Food Trends

Alkaline Diet: Does pH Affect Health and Wellness?

The trendiness of dietary acid and alkaline balance has waxed and waned for decades. But what does dietary alkalinity mean? And is there enough evidence to support its use for overall health, and bone health in particular?

Oodles of Noodles: 10 Versatile Asian Noodles You Ought to Know

With a history most likely beginning in Central Asia and reaching back thousands of years, it's no wonder this versatile staple is an essential part of the culinary and cultural landscape in many countries.

Aquafaba and More "Saved from the Drain" Ideas

You won't find the word "aquafaba" in the dictionary (at least for now), but some innovative chefs, creative home cooks and vegans know what it is: the cooking liquid of beans or legumes.

Spiralizers Are a New Kitchen Essential for Creating Vegetable and Fruit Noodles

If you haven't gotten in on the zoodle (a.k.a. zucchini noodle) craze, now is the time. All you need are fresh vegetables or fruits, a dash of creativity, a pinch of muscle power and a spiralizer.
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Nutrition News

Built to the Bone: Why Weight-Bearing Exercise Is Key to Strong Bones

When the topic of bone health arises, we often think of milk mustaches and calcium supplements. But what about visions of hitting the weights, jumping rope or doing pushups?

Osteoporosis Prevention throughout the Lifespan

Bone health is heavily influenced by choices we make decades earlier. Each phase of life offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities to maximize bone density or minimize bone loss.

What Is the Optimal Intake of Vitamin D?

Found in virtually every tissue and cell in the body and enabling many biological functions, vitamin D comes from three sources: food, supplements and the sun. Many are interested in its role in health today.

What Is Vitamin K's Bone-Building Potential?

While calcium and vitamin D often are thought of as the most important nutrients for bone health, vitamin K also plays a role in preventing bone loss — but to what extent?
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More » App Reviews

App Review: Food4Bones

With a focus on osteoporosis-friendly recipes, Food4Bones — by the National Osteoporosis Foundation — puts recipes that support healthy bones at the user's fingertips.

App Review: Foodie

Dedicated to making food photography as beautiful and appetizing as possible, Foodie provides more than 26 food-themed filters, focus options and other tools.

App Review: Lifesum

Lifesum is ideal for anyone who wants a food and fitness tracker — plus a little extra motivation.

App Review: Zipongo

Zipongo is an ideal meal-planning tool for healthy shoppers. Recipes come with appetizing, full-color photos and can be saved for easy recall or sharing with friends.

App Review: Video Teleprompter Lite

Read a script and record video footage from one screen using Video Teleprompter Lite. This simple app saves the video automatically and allows for easy uploading and editing.
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More » Movie Reviews

The Kids Menu

The Kids Menu

With "the loudest voices being critics," The Kids Menu is a call for action to communities and those who work with kids to help transform the environment our children are being raised in, in hopes to curb the childhood obesity epidemic.
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More » Book Reviews

Book Review: The Dorito Effect

Book Review: The Dorito Effect

Much of The Dorito Effect is based on the premise that technology has improved agriculture in many ways, such as increasing crop yields and producing bigger livestock, but has simultaneously resulted in decreased flavor in food.
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More » Kitchen Tool Reviews

A Pan to Make You Feel Like a TV Chef

A Pan to Make You Feel Like a TV Chef

When cooking with this nonstick, oven-safe pan, my vegetables sautéed and sizzled as if I were a TV cooking show celebrity.
Warm Tortillas in Record Time

Warm Tortillas in Record Time

If I bring an extra gadget into my kitchen, my criteria are that it can't take up too much space and it has to live up to its promise. Looking like a large, round oven mitt with a pocket, this product is designed to warm tortillas in the microwave and keep them hot for up to an hour. .
Super-Simple Skewers for Indoor Kababs

Super-Simple Skewers for Indoor Kababs

We have different diet preferences in my house (vegetarian, omnivore, low-carb), so we love recipes that let us customize without adding extra steps. Kabobs and skewers do just that!