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App Review: Yummi July-August 2017

App Review: Yummi

Yummi is the home for all of your foodprints: your food photos and memories. The app lets you log, retrieve, and share food memories with friends.

App Review: Runtasty July-August 2017

App Review: Runtasty

Runtasty is a healthy recipe app that caters to a variety of dietary needs and provides step-by-step cooking videos and nutrition information.

App Review: Noisli July-August 2017

App Review: Noisli

Noisli is a background noise and color generator for working and relaxing.

App Review: FODMAP Grocery Guide July-August 2017

App Review: FODMAP Grocery Guide

FODMAP Grocery Guide is designed to make shopping and selecting foods easier for those following the FODMAP diet.

App Review: Calorie Mama July-August 2017

App Review: Calorie Mama

Though accuracy may not be 100%, Calorie Mama is a fun way to use photos to effortlessly track calories and basic daily food intake.

App Review: Clips July-August 2017

App Review: Clips

Clips is best for those who don’t take video making and editing too seriously. It’s just for fun.

App Review: Symple May-June 2017

App Review: Symple

Symple helps you track a wide variety of symptoms and the factors that influence them over short or long periods of time.

App Review: Probiotic Guide U.S. May-June 2017

App Review: Probiotic Guide U.S.

The US Probiotic Guide app is a reference tool for probiotic products.

App Review: Polarr Photo Editor May-June 2017

App Review: Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr is a photo editor that offers advanced enhancement tools and filters to edit every corner of a photo. It includes a complete set of color masking and brushing tools and multiple adjustment tools.

App Review: Peak – Braining Training May-June 2017

App Review: Peak – Braining Training

Peak lets you play engaging and challenging games to exercise your memory, focus and more.