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Mango Health (Version 3.3.3)

Reviewed by Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN

Synopsis of the App​​
With around 8,000 drugs and supplements in its database, Mango Health is a medication manager app that promises to help you “take care of yourself so you can savor the moments that matter.”

 Platform and Price
Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score
4 out of 5


  • User-friendly design with a bright, cheerful aesthetic.
  • Access a database of about 8,000 medications and supplements with extensive details including what the drug is used to treat, warnings, contraindications, other brand names and the physical appearance of the pill, tablet or liquid.
  • Includes alerts for known interactions with over-the counter drugs, supplements and food.
  • Track your personal medication history and compliance and get notifications when it’s time for the next dose.
  • Monitor how much medicine remains in the bottle and get refill alerts.
  • Use the mood log to record how you feel before and after medication and any side effects or symptoms.
  • Earn points to unlock rewards and additional features like the Mango Health community and data on your current and best months.
  • Android uses can track blood pressure, fluid intake, weight and physical activities using the Mango Health habits tracker.
  • To protect privacy, Mango Health does not require registration. However, users who register can access and track medication information from multiple devices and restore information when upgrading devices. 


  • The app design may feel too juvenile for some users.
  • The healthy habits reminder feature is not yet available for Apple devices. 

Bottom Line

​​Mango Health is a useful tracking tool and reference for learning about and tracking medication intake as well as identifying food, drug, and supplement interactions. 

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