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1. Brewed Cacao: Your New Afternoon Pick-Me-Up?
Brewed cacao is a trendy new beverage that delivers all the benefits and decadent flavor of dark chocolate, without any of the sugar and fat, and virtually no calories.
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2. Co-Op Comeback: What the New Co-Ops Do Different
With approximately 300 food co-ops in the U.S. today, cooperative grocers represent fewer than 1 percent of American grocery stores. But food co-ops — which are owned and directed by customers rather than corporations — are holding their own.
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3. Osteoporosis Prevention throughout the Lifespan
Bone health is heavily influenced by choices we make decades earlier. Each phase of life offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities to maximize bone density or minimize bone loss.
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4. Trend Alert: What’s the Deal with Ginger Shots?
Will a daily ginger shot detox your organs, kill cancer cells or melt away fat? Of course not. But ginger does have some legitimate health benefits.
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5. Are Bugs the New Beef?
Entomophagy (the practice of eating insects) still elicits disgust from most North Americans and Europeans. But our aversion is far from universal. Various types of insects are an important food source — as well as a delicacy — for close to a third of the world’s citizens.
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6. Sugar and the Science of Addiction
To those who study the physiological and neurochemical aspects of substance abuse, “addictive” is a term with serious health implications.
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7. Livestock Antibiotics: Not Just Another Food Fight
Some meat and poultry farmers voluntarily are restricting their use of antibiotics in animal feed. Is it enough to turn the tide against antibiotic resistance?
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8. Kefir: From Russia with Love
A fast rising food trend, kefir is an ancient fermented milk beverage believed to have originated in the Caucasus Mountains. Does it live up to its probiotic hype?
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9. Color Confusion: Identifying Red Meat and White Meat
The idea that red meat is less healthful than white meat may be generally undisputed; multiple studies link red meat consumption to increased health risks including diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, weight gain, certain cancers and all-cause mortality. But what exactly is "red meat?" A precise definition is hard to come by.
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10. What Type of Diet is Best for People with a Previous Cancer Diagnosis?
Dietary recommendations for people with a history of cancer are essentially the same as they are for anyone seeking to optimize their health and longevity — and offer similarly profound benefits in terms of risk reduction.
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11. Who Is Affected by Hyponatremia?
Hyponatremia is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when there is too little sodium in the blood. Early signs may include fatigue, headaches, confusion and nausea. If not quickly resolved, hyponatremia can lead to seizures, coma and death.
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12. Science vs. Sound Byte
Gone are the days when nutrition professionals could monitor the scientific literature and consider how research might translate into clinical recommendations for their patients.
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13. Today's Contemporary Spice Cabinet
Today’s home cook is likely to keep at least 40 different seasonings on hand, whereas the typical 1950’s American homemaker relied on fewer than 10 spices.
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