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New for the 2013 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics introduces an app for attendees and exhibitors.

Download it here and see what this free app can do for you!


Create a profile using your name, email address and a password. You must create a new profile — you CANNOT use the BadgeID/ECode option shown in the app. You’ll be able to create and save itineraries, calendars and notes. Once you sign in on your device, you’ll stay signed in (until you elect to sign out).

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Educational sessions are one of the primary reasons members of the Academy choose to attend FNCE. Find sessions organized by date and time, or use the use the search window to find a specific session. When you’ve found one you’d like to attend, tap the name and you’ll see the following options:

  • Add to Planner: Add a reminder to your app calendar (located in the Planner icon).
  • Add to Device Calendar: Add a reminder to your device calendar.
  • Notes: Did the session speaker say something you want to remember? Tap this option and start typing using your device’s keyboard. This option will save whatever you type in one centralized location (learn more about this function below).
  • Map It: Call up a map of the Expo Floor, with the location of this session highlighted.
  • Speaker Info: Learn more about who is hosting this session.
  • Rate Session: The Academy is always aiming to improve the FNCE experience, but we can’t do it without your help. Tell us what you thought of the session.


This icon has a similar functionality as Sessions in that “Add to Planner,” “Map It,” and “Notes” all work in the same way. For “Booth Visited” option, use “Add to Planner” to create a to-do list of the exhibitors you’re most interested in visiting. Then list will be available your the Planner icon. After you’ve visited the exhibitor’s booth, click the “Booth Visited” box and see a check mark appear.


Find all the maps you’ll need to get around inside the George R. Brown Convention Center and in nearby downtown Houston.


Access the itineraries you created using Sessions and Exhibitors. Organize your planned activities using the two tabs provided. “My Itinerary” organizes sessions and meetings by day and time, while “My Exhibitors” creates an alphabetized list of all the exhibitors you’ve indicated (using the Exhibitors icon) you want to see. Tap the box to the right of the name to indicate you’ve visited the booth.

The Planner has an added capability, as well. Use the small button at the bottom of the screen to create an invitation to a meeting (such an invitation to meet with a friend) to your FNCE App calendar.

My Notes

Find all the notes from sessions and exhibitors in one convenient place for easy review. The three buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to write new notes, edit existing notes and email your notes.

My Expo Map

Create “Your Personalized Showguide,” a map of the Expo Floor highlighting the exhibitors you’ve indicated you want to see.


Get updated answers to attendees’ frequently asked questions.


Find the sessions in which each speaker will be featured.


Learn the details on late-breaking FNCE news through push notices provided by the Academy.


Find the perfect educational sessions for your professional development needs using 16 specialty tracks.

Show Specials

Find a list of coupons and giveaways at featured exhibitors’ booths.


Use your Facebook login to post on the wall of


After connecting your Twitter account in Settings, you’ll be able to tweet using #FNCE without leaving the FNCE App.

Press Releases

Read the latest press releases from Expo Floor exhibitors.

Technical Support

Are you experiencing difficulty using the FNCE App? Contact the developer directly at:

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