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September-October 2015

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17 Glorious Grains You Need to Know

All of these whole grains have three components: the bran, which contains most of the fiber; the germ, which contains most of the vitamins, minerals and fat; and the starchy endosperm. They are high in phytochemicals, several B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, copper and fiber.

Angel Planells: Recruiting Men to the "Noble Mission"

As chair of the National Organization of Men in Nutrition since 2012, Angel and other members are working to encourage males to join the dietetic profession's "noble mission."

Are Sprouted Grains Ready for the Limelight?

Once relegated to the back corner of the community health-food store, sprouted grains are becoming a more mainstream option. If you wrote them off as just another fad, you may want to take a closer look.

Au Bon Grain: 5 Recipes

This fall, settle into cooler temperatures with comforting dishes filled with hardy whole grains. From pancakes and oatmeal to a side of bread with supper, fill up on essential vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Balsamic-Infused Fennel and Red Onion Pizzas

This sweet and savory pizza highlights caramelized balsamic fennel.

Blood Orange, Avocado and Fennel Salad

Perfect for a party or a quick weeknight side dish, this light and refreshing salad can be prepared in minutes.

App Review: Calio

Calio is a food, nutrition and activity tracker with voice technology designed to help you manage health and weight loss goals with ease.

App Review: CTHRU Nutrition

Using a QR/barcode reader, the CTHRU Nutrition scanner app is designed to simplify the food decision making process.

DIY Kitchen: Homemade Pasta

It may seem like a daunting task to make fresh pasta, but the only tools you really need are your hands, a rolling pin and a knife.

Fares of Faith: Mid-Autumn Festival

This Taoist tradition honors the Earth's harvest under a full moon.

Farmers Market Savory Oatmeal

After an early morning trip to the farmers market, whip up this big bowl of comfort! It highlights vibrant, seasonal vegetables and showcases the savory side of oats.

How Bulk Bins Became Cool

Meet the trendy grocery aisle that's helping shoppers save money, reduce waste and try new foods.

How Ethiopia Safeguards Its Native Ancient Grain

As international foodies are drawn to the nutrition appeal of whole-grain, gluten-free teff, Ethiopia seeks to protect those who rely on their indigenous ancient grain.

App Review: Ingredient1

The Ingredient1 app helps you discover natural and specialty foods based on taste profile, ingredients, allergens, nutrient data and labels such as organic and GMO-free.

Is Activated Charcoal Safe to Use for Detoxification?

While effective in treating acute poisonings, activated charcoal is not meant to be used as a routine supplement to bind unwanted “toxins” in the body.

Is Gluten-Sensitivity Real? New Research Causes New Thinking

Sometimes called "celiac-lite," non-celiac gluten sensitivity (or NCGS) is a form of intolerance. Several new studies have offered insight into this condition.

Kısır Turkish-Style Bulgur and Vegetable Salad

Lemon juice, pomegranate molasses and freshly cut herbs perfectly complement crisp vegetables and fine bulgur in this Turkish salad. Serve wrapped in lettuce leaves, topped with low-fat plain yogurt or as a colorful side dish to any meal.

Kristina DeMuth: Fighting for Haiti's Future

Over the course of several trips to Haiti, Kristina has worked with malnourished orphans and helped communities reclaim their health through food heritage.

App Review: MakeMe

MakeMe uses social motivation to hold yourself accountable and provides a challenge-based approach to group coaching and training.

Olive Whole-Wheat Focaccia

A crisp-crusted, whole-wheat flatbread with black olives is lightly flavored with rosemary, thyme and Parmesan cheese.

App Review: Pacifica

Pacifica provides daily tools to address stress and anxiety. It's designed to help users understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Pumpkin Farro Fritters

These savory fritters are prepared with farro, a hearty whole grain that adds complexity (the good kind!) to texture and flavor.

Spelt Flour Pancakes with Blueberry-Ginger Compote

Spelt flour has a naturally sweet and nutty flavor that works well in quick breads and hot cakes. Topped with a simple blueberry-ginger compote, these pancakes are the perfect addition to your next weekend brunch.

Spinach, Whole-Wheat and Semolina Pasta

After you've gotten the hang of making your own whole-wheat and semolina pasta, try this variation made with spinach for a nutrition boost.

App Review: Streaks

The Streaks app is the "to-do list that helps you form good habits."

Taste Fennel's Distinctive Flavor

Supplying vitamins A and C, dietary fiber and potassium, the entire fennel plant is edible. Try the bulb in raw salads or roasted, grilled, sauteed, braised or baked. And, don't forget the stems and leaves!

There's More to Rice Cookers than Just Rice

In 1955, the first commercially successful electric rice cooker was sold in Japan. Today's adventurous cooks are using the newest models to try all sorts of other preparations, including this Rice Cooker Frittata recipe.

What Exactly Is Yacón Syrup?

With its high fructooligosaccharide content, yacón root and yacón syrup, which functions as a prebiotic, have drawn recent nutrition attention.

Whole-Wheat and Semolina Pasta

The key to good, fresh pasta is the ingredients. Once you try this simple reason, you'll know how wonderful fresh pasta can taste.