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FODMAP-friendly Banana Flax Smoothie

Emerging evidence suggests that the elimination of specific carbohydrates that promote fermentation in the gut may help relieve symptoms.

Nutrition Science: Imprecise Discipline, Still the Best We’ve Got to Work With

In a recent op-ed article in the New York Times, a well known health and science journalist stated that nutrition science is an imprecise undertaking that is based on opinion and guesswork rather than strict scientific principles.

Easy and Healthy Easter Basket Alternatives

I am not one to recommend banning all sweets, but I do think that there is room for other lower-sugar and less-junky items and even better; some non-food items that your kids will love.

Easy Hard Cooked Eggs for Easter

With Easter around the corner, you might be looking for an easy, foolproof way to hard boil eggs for your egg hunt.

School Nutrition Teams Get Inspired

Training can be fun and engaging as seen in this video of a "Chefs Challenge" event held recently on a school system’s professional development day.

Supermarket Dietitians Have "Power to Make a Serious Impact"

For supermarket-employed dietitians, the Oldways Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ, this past week was a thrilling combination of networking, education and inspiration.

The Great Greek Yogurt

Beyond its amazing nutritional profile, Greek yogurt has a delicious tangy taste and is strikingly thick and creamy, even the low-fat versions.

The History and Future of Nutrition Labeling

Protection of our food and drugs began in 1820 when 11 physicians joined to form a group called the U.S. Pharmacopeia.

Want to Eat Better or Lose Weight? Write on!

Why does food journaling work? Because it gives you a moment to pause and consider what you’ll be eating … and why you’re eating it. 

Mindful Eating: Resources for Mindfulness and Meditation

Can enjoying your food help improve your health? More and more studies are linking mindful eating with nutrition and health benefits.

Is Adrenal Fatigue Making You Gain Weight?

When periods of acute stress become chronic, the body can have difficultly continuously responding.

The Top 10 Ways to Control Your IBS Symptoms With Diet & Exercise

Happy Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month! I know, it’s not a fun topic; I mean, who wants to talk about bowel discomfort? But don’t let shyness get in the way of healing.

‏Go‪-‬to Herbs‪:‬ Basil‪,‬ Cilantro and Thyme

‏While they may be ordinary, these herbs become extraordinary when you grow and use them throughout the season.

Mediterranean Herb Salad

Inspired by the flavors of the ever-popular Mediterranean diet, this recipe is hearty enough when served as a vegetarian entrée or perfect served as a side dish with a lean protein such as grilled chicken or roasted shrimp.

Why Are Sea Vegetables So Good For You?

Though many Americans are not familiar with incorporating sea vegetables, cultures in Asia, Britain and the Caribbean have consumed them for years.

7 Considerations Before Going Vegetarian or Vegan

Though these groups who share similar dietary restrictions usually aim for optimal health, there are a few things to keep in mind before venturing down that path.

Parmesan Chicken Bites

This is a super-easy recipe that both kids and adults will love, and a healthier alternative to breaded chicken nuggets!

Meal Times and Diabetes: What’s the Connection?

For well-planned meals to have the most benefit, we must first look at the timing of our meals and understand the impact it has on an individual’s blood sugar levels.

Chocolate Quinoa Granola

It is really simple and can be eaten plain, with milk, Greek yogurt or even a little bit of ice cream if you’re feeling indulgent.

Community Supported Fisheries: A Growing Movement

As seafood gains notoriety for its nutritional benefits, could the phrase “Boat to Fork” be the next craze?

Vanilla Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

In honor of National Peanut Month, I decided to give homemade peanut butter a try. And I’m hooked!

5 Easy Food Fixes to Boost Menopause Memory

You know that brain fog? It’s real. According to a study in the journal Menopause, some cognitive changes do occur during perimenopause and menopause.

Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share
with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

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