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March 2014

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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

‏Go‪-‬to Herbs‪:‬ Basil‪,‬ Cilantro and Thyme

‏While they may be ordinary, these herbs become extraordinary when you grow and use them throughout the season.


Mediterranean Herb Salad

Inspired by the flavors of the ever-popular Mediterranean diet, this recipe is hearty enough when served as a vegetarian entrée or perfect served as a side dish with a lean protein such as grilled chicken or roasted shrimp.


Why Are Sea Vegetables So Good For You?

Though many Americans are not familiar with incorporating sea vegetables, cultures in Asia, Britain and the Caribbean have consumed them for years.


7 Considerations Before Going Vegetarian or Vegan

Though these groups who share similar dietary restrictions usually aim for optimal health, there are a few things to keep in mind before venturing down that path.


Parmesan Chicken Bites

This is a super-easy recipe that both kids and adults will love, and a healthier alternative to breaded chicken nuggets!


Meal Times and Diabetes: What’s the Connection?

For well-planned meals to have the most benefit, we must first look at the timing of our meals and understand the impact it has on an individual’s blood sugar levels.


Chocolate Quinoa Granola

It is really simple and can be eaten plain, with milk, Greek yogurt or even a little bit of ice cream if you’re feeling indulgent.


Community Supported Fisheries: A Growing Movement

As seafood gains notoriety for its nutritional benefits, could the phrase “Boat to Fork” be the next craze?


Vanilla Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

In honor of National Peanut Month, I decided to give homemade peanut butter a try. And I’m hooked!

5 Easy Food Fixes to Boost Menopause Memory

You know that brain fog? It’s real. According to a study in the journal Menopause, some cognitive changes do occur during perimenopause and menopause.

Choco-Coconut Caribbean Crispies

Apart from all the good feelings it brings, chocolate may also have health benefits.


Plantains: The Starchy Solution to Gluten-free Baking

This tropical fruit packs a nutritional punch by serving as a good source of fiber, vitamin C, folate and vitamin A.

The Luck o’ the Lentils: Lentil Guinness Stew

Replacing beef with lentils will help cut calories and fat from this traditional favorite dish, not to mention help put a few pennies back into your pocket.

Herbs and Spices You Should Be Using — But Probably Aren't

There’s nothing wrong, exactly, with the old favorites — basil, oregano, black pepper, cumin — but read on for some new tasty and healthy ways to spice up your kitchen.


Healthy Post-game Snacks for Kids

If you are trying to replenish and rehydrate a young athlete, you want to avoid foods that are filled with sugar, chemicals, additives and colors.

Mise en Place: Why Is It So Important?

I’m a little tight on space in the kitchen, so being well-prepared is essential for my sanity. Here’s a few tips on getting your mise en place on.


Tips for Finding Great Online Content

There is truly an art to this and a skill set that can be learned. The trick is finding content that is educational, sparks conversation when shared, and inspires retweets and re-shares.

Does Anyone Eat Applesauce Anymore?

I know that eating applesauce isn’t really cool. It’s not Greek yogurt, and it doesn’t tout probiotics, trendy vitamins and minerals or omega-3.

The Perfect Swimsuit-ready Body … At What Price?

What price are your clients willing to pay for the perfect swimsuit-ready body? Will they shell out the cost for expensive supplements? Go to extremes to get that chiseled look?

A Favorite Pho Recipe

My dad has been making this Vietnamese treat for us since we were kids, just like his mom used to make for him and his siblings.


Take Time and Take 3 for Breakfast

This week is the 25th anniversary of National School Breakfast Week. More than 12 million children are served breakfast at school each year.
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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

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