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May 2013

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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

Perfect Health Harmony: Sleep, Stress and Diet

At least 40 million American suffer from chronic sleep disorders, while an additional 20 million experience occasional problems with sleeping. Forty-four percent of Americans report they have moderate-to-high stress and that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. And more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese and close to the same amount are overweight.


Most Americans Don’t Exercise Enough – But Who Can Blame Them?

Despite plenty of encouragement from the government and health experts to move more, Americans still find it hard to adopt a less sedentary lifestyle. Merely 20 percent are in compliance with the government’s recommendations for physical activity.

Dairy-Free Cheesecloth Uses and Recipes

The other day I was picking up some cheesecloth from the store. At checkout the cashier asked what type of cheese I was making. "Pardon?" I responded. "What kind of cheese are you making?" she asked again. I stumbled to answer because it didn't even occur to me that that's what cheesecloth is actually used for!


Packing for a Trip: The One Item You Need Most

Whether you're going on vacation, a daily excursion, or hopping from country to country, there is one simple thing you can do to make for a healthier journey: carry a water bottle. Water makes up the majority of our body weight and we owe it to ourselves to replenish our bodies with what it naturally needs, in its most natural form.


The Mocha Smoothie with Skin Cancer Benefits

Sorry big coffee chains, but you've got nothing on my delicious, nutrient-packed mocha smoothie. Not only is it fully loaded with skin cancer fighting caffeine, it also contains my "secret ingredient" that’s rich in skin protecting carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin. Can you guess my secret ingredient?


A Stress-Busting Eating Plan for Sleep Problems

Are you someone who values sleep, or do you burn the candle at both ends? Do you think that sleep is a waste of time and sleeping eight to 10 hours a night is a sign of laziness? In today's fast-paced, over-worked and over-stressed society, more and more of us are choosing to sacrifice our sleep. But going long periods with inadequate sleep is likely to backfire.


What is a Yoga Diet?

As both a yoga teacher and nutritionist, I'm often asked what the best diet for yoga is. While I don't believe there is a definitive, "one-and-only-one" yogic diet (in the same way there is no "one-and-only-one" diet for diabetes or for weight reduction), I do turn to the ancient text — the Yoga Sutras — to offer some definition as well as food for thought.

5 Ways to Eat More Greens

Eat your greens! We've all heard it...or said it. Though they pack the biggest nutritional punch for the least amount of calories, vegetables remain the most under-consumed food.


Fight Depression with Your Fork

Most of us have learned the hard way that what we eat and how we feel are closely intertwined. Just think back to how overeating around the holidays often leads to sluggishness, fatigue and more. Now, there’s more scientific proof about the links.

Break the Chain: Food Choices and Sleepless Nights

If you are stressed you don’t sleep and when you are tired you don’t always make good food choices. Where do those bad food choices lead you? You got it, back to the stress and sleep issues.

Frozen Food Tips for Foodies

Frugal foodies, this one's for you. Freezing foods is a great way to stretch your grocery dollar and prepare great meals on the fly.


All about Mate Tea

Do you know mate? No, it's not some new Australian dish! Mate is a traditional tea-like beverage, popular and traditional in South America. But now, mate is gaining worldwide popularity and rapidly penetrating global markets including the United States.


My Salad of Glory

One of the most common complaints I get from my husband, Dario, in regards to my cooking, is that I don’t re-make any of my dishes. They don’t get “put into rotation,” as he says. We have them once and then I’m on to something new and exciting. Unless I’m craving a specific dish or I get a request from Dario, I’m always set on trying out a new recipe or cooking with a new ingredient. So even some of my best dishes don’t get prepared on a regular basis. Except for this one.

Solutions for Unhealthy Fast Food Options

Fast food is tasty, convenient and usually pretty cheap — unfortunately, it’s also kind of terrible for us. Let’s break down the typical convenience meal into its three component parts.


Sleep Like an Athlete

I do not have to convince anyone that a good night’s sleep will help you achieve good health. The problem? How to build those seven to eight hours a day into your lifestyle. The secret to keeping your weight down and staying heart healthy may be in training like an athlete and keeping to a sleep schedule.

How Cities Can Become Health Leaders

Health experts have long insisted that improving our public health requires improving the environment we live in. This, of course, includes environmental protection measures such as pollution control and management of resources but also attention to housing and living conditions. Part of the latter is a better understanding of how land use, residential development and architectural design impact our health and well-being.

How — and Why — You Should Freeze Fruit

Warning: Freezing fruit is one of my all-time favorite dietitian soapboxes. I talk about it multiple times a day when counseling clients. I hear the excuse all the time: “I can’t buy bananas or strawberries or [insert other fruit here] because they will go bad.” I agree. I don’t think fruit — or veggies — should ever go to waste.


How to Make Almond Milk at Home

When I first heard you can make almond milk at home, I’ll admit I was skeptical. While I do love the nutty flavor it can add to my iced coffee, it didn't seem worth the trouble. Well, I tried it, and it is!

Update Your Plate: Smoothie Breakdown

Most of us are familiar with MyPlate, the USDA's healthy eating guide. For the first time in nearly 20 years, this food guide is not in the shape of a pyramid. I completed my dietetic internship at the height of MyPlate’s predecessor, MyPyramid, and let me tell you: MyPyramid had a lot of critics.


The Vicious Cycle: Sleep, Stress and Diet

A basic lack of sleep can affect a sufferer's future food choices and therefore can induce anxiety. Those that do not get enough sleep tend to make poor choices and experience high anxiety as a result- therefore linking stress-diet-sleep together. It seems to be a vicious cycle of poor food choices and anxiety causing poor sleep which then results in future poor food choices and anxiety. Did you catch all that?

Sunflower Seed-Crusted Chicken

Chicken breasts can get a little boring if you don't watch out. It's a good source of lean protein, but can get old if you don't change it up a bit every now and then. You can always change the cooking method — baking, roasting, sauteing and grilling are all great ways to cook chicken. Or you can try adding different marinades or sauces, or stuffing it. One way you might not have considered to prevent "chicken breast burnout" is coating it in something new.

Going Bananas for Frozen 'Nanas

As much as we love bananas in my family, we sometimes have more than we can consume. So when I get a bounty of ripe bananas, I turn to my freezer.
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Stone Soup

Guest bloggers from around the world share with Food & Nutrition Magazine.

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